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We’re Clean Slate Strategies, and we believe that business today moves too fast to be scripted. We’re passionate about working with leaders, in all industries and sectors, to develop UnScripted teams and organizations – agile, adaptable, future-ready organizations that are equipped to innovate and thrive in a world of perpetual change.  

UnScripted is the philosophy and mindset that drives everything we do.

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As an UnScripted Organization, we don’t offer canned presentations or pre-packaged solutions. Instead, we start with a Clean Slate and collaborate with you to design a customized solution that meets your unique business objectives. Utilizing a blend of facilitation, training, coaching and speaking, we act as a catalyst for creating breakthrough results.

Whether you are looking to solve a specific problem, tackle your competitive strategy, inject new thinking into the organization, engage your team members or challenge the business model; we’ll partner with you to get the meaningful and relevant results you crave.

We’re committed to helping leaders identify and tackle their most wicked and complex problems. What we can accomplish together and how deep the impact depends on how much time we have to work together.

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Our UnScripted Team

Jennifer Spear, President & Creative Strategist, Clean Slate Strategies 

Jennifer Spear is a recovering corporate executive who now helps organizations work and lead UnScripted. Jennifer works with leaders, teams and organizations to help them solve problems, plan strategically and make innovation and creativity a reality in their workplace. 

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Prior to starting Clean Slate, Jennifer was Vice President of both Marketing and Human Resources for a national retailer. Every day, she would look forward to the “new”, the unexpected and the opportunity to innovate, challenging the status quo and ordinary results. When even those challenges became too predictable, she became impassioned about teaching other executives how to use the UnScripted Mindset. Now she helps others Work and Lead UnScripted so they can Think Faster, Lead Smarter and Act Now to get real results in real time.

As a graduate of both Ivey’s Executive MBA program and Second City, Jennifer operates where the business and creative worlds collide. The perpetual student, Jennifer also has a BA in Psychology and a BBA in Marketing and has studied Neuroscience as it relates to learning and leadership. Jennifer is a Certified Facilitator and Trainer in Creative Problem Solving and is Certified in the Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile and is Certified as a Professional Innovation Advisor.

Jennifer has had the good fortune to work with some incredible and diverse clients including large national and multi-national organizations, governments and agencies, not-for-profit, and small manufacturing and service organizations.

Jennifer is a member of the Global Speakers Federation, International Association of Facilitators, the National Speakers Association, the Canadian Society of Training & Development, Association for Talent Development, the Human Resources Professional Association, the Canadian Society of Association Executives, the Applied Improvisation Network, and has sat on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Toronto Chapter.

Jennifer is the author of the upcoming book “UnScripted”.

The UnConsultants

We put together an UnScripted Team to meet your unique needs. We have the luxury to hand pick the best people for you and create your Dream Team from our network of leading practitioners and facilitators from a variety of fields around the world.

What We Do

We work with you to determine your unique needs, goals and objectives – and then We Deliver Results

We help you Work and Lead UnScripted. 

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