UnScripted Delivery

How to choose what you need

UnScripted and all of its elements can be delivered as a keynote, workshop or facilitation session, or as a longer ongoing sustained program.  Everything is customized to meet your unique business objectives.

> Speaking/Keynote

Do you want to inform, inspire and impact your audience?

UnScripted Keynotes are Perfect for:

  • launching a new initiative
  • challenging thinking, assumptions and sparking new ideas
  • ensuring everyone receives the same message
  • fully engage and inspire the entire group

See our ideas for Meeting Planners and designing UnScripted Events

> Facilitation

Do you have a specific problem to solve or opportunity to explore?

Expert Facilitation allows you to focus on the "what" while we focus on the "how". You will be expertly guided through discussions designed to tap into the wisdom within the room and deliver on your objectives.

UnScripted Facilitation is Perfect for:

Good for any level; from the Board Room to the Shop Floor, any size; small or large. Expert facilitation to get to the heart of the matter, get results and ensure everyone is heard.

> Training/Workshop/Break-Out Session

Do you want to develop skills or competency within your organization?

UnScripted Training is Perfect for:

  • change behviour and approach to work
  • develop creative thinking skills
  • develop problem solving competency

Train for Results

Training your people will actually look forward to and can use immediately on the job regardless of their role or level in the organization.

We can also partner with you to create an UnScripted Event


Take a look at the Impact Matrix to explore the IMPACT you want to make on your organization.

looking to inspire
your team to do
things differently?

create an environment that maximizes your employees potential to seize unexpected opportunities