"In 2010, the Canadian Hemophilia Society engaged Jennifer Spear of Clean Slate Strategies to assist in the development of a 5-year strategic plan. Jennifer’s work extended over an 8-month period and included facilitation of the meetings of the strategic planning steering committee, an all-day session with the Board of Directors to develop the plan and a half-day meeting with the Board to validate and endorse the plan. Jennifer conducted in-depth interviews with both internal and external stakeholders and developed on-line surveys to gather initial views and validate the draft strategic plan. She synthesized input in a way that greatly assisted our work.

One of Jennifer’s greatest contributions to the process was her ability to use challenge maps to help the leaders of the organization define its vision, mission, goals, strategies and tactics in a structured, coherent manner. Jennifer was rigorous in ensuring that input into the process was reflected in the deliberations and, eventually, in the final document. This has led to a high level of buy-in from the leaders of the provincial chapters across the country, who see their concerns and needs expressed in the plan. Eight months after adoption, the organization can already see the dividends in terms of more focused programming and more cohesive efforts.

The CHS strategic plan is available at www.hemophilia.ca/en/about-the-chs/our-strategic-plan/
David Page
National Executive Director
Canadian Hemophilia Society

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