UnScripted Events

Meeting Professionals, Associations and Media have noted the trend that events need to be more interactive (and less scripted), attendees want to be active participants in events not just passive observers.

We can work with you to design a completely UnScripted Event; whether it is part of a larger conference or a single event on its own.

From flexible topics to flexible locations we can help create UnScripted moments in an otherwise scripted conference OR we can start with a      Clean Slate and create an event experience that won’t be soon forgotten. Whether for 5 or 5000 we work with you to design a unique experience to meet your needs.

Picture a conference without an agenda… (no script) the participants decide what is to be discussed and before your eyes the event evolves.

Or if you have a smaller group that needs breakthrough thinking consider:

Ideas in Motion

Location, Location, Location

Get out of the office and surround yourself in a new environment and you will get new ideas. Allow us to design the entire event and select a unique and stimulating environment for your group based on your objectives. Could be an art gallery, a retreat in the woods or on board a bus - Change doesn’t stay still why should you?

Whether we are trying to solve a specific problem, come up with a new idea or innovation or set the stage for your strategic planning initiative

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