We're not in Kansas Anymore

The world got a little more UnCertain in November.

We’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy, things have changed. This new world has new rules and new leaders.

Change often represents UnCertainty and it can be quite uncomfortable for many, even paralyzing. However, when acknowledged, understood and even embraced, UnCertainty can represent Opportunity.

Here are some resources to help you understand, face and embrace UnCertainty

(If you are uncertain which to look at why not take a look at them all)


Article – Christope Heinz, Prospect Theory – could explain why people chose Trump & Brexit.

Article HBR shares how you need to change your Strategy in times of UnCertainty

Blog– My blog post shares a lesson from Improv that can help you Lead in UnCertainty

Book – Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational helps us understand our seemingly irrational behaviour

TED Talk – Kathryn Schulz, Maybe I’m wrong

Article – Prospect Theory

Let’s first address the orange elephant in the room… Trump won the election and it has many people perplexed as to why this could happen. For many people they were seeking change and Trump certainly represents change, as did Brexit. Change typically represents UnCertainty and typically UnCertainty is uncomfortable and many people seek to avoid it, especially at work.

However, the Prospect Theory, from the world of Behavioural Economics, could help us understand why some folks voted the way they did. The Prospect Theory states that if people feel they have lost something they will be more willing to choose the more uncertain outcome in hopes that it will change the current situation. So if people felt they lost their jobs, their traditions, the way-we-have-always-done-things they may be more willing or more wanting to try something new. If, however people have felt that they have gained something, that they have a positive or even unfair advantage then they will want to hold onto it, protect it and will vote for certainty whenever possible. You can see how this could relate to changes at work as well, those that are comfortable, that have it good may resist change however those that are newer and maybe don’t have the same status or entitlements may seek out change.

Article - HBR

Recognizing that the world just got a little more UnCertain means that we have to ensure that our Strategy will support us. Martin Reeves offers suggestions in Harvard Business Review on how to adjust your Strategy in these uncertain times.

Blog – We’re not in Kansas anymore

Leading in times of UnCertainty can be challenging and it really does require a different kind of Leader. One that understands that they are not expected to have all the answers and is willing to go off-script. My blog post shares lessons from Improv that can help us Lead UnScripted

Book – Dan Ariely, Predictably Irrational

When we see seemingly intelligent people (including ourselves) behave in irrational ways we often wish to blame something external, yet we all often overpay, underestimate and procrastinate. Dan shows us that we do so in systematic, predictable ways that makes us Predictably Irrational.

TED Talk

One of the reasons UnCertainty can scare us is because we have a fear of being wrong. In this TED Talk Maybe I’m wrong Kathryn Schulz shares how for most people being wrong is not the problem, its realizing that we’re wrong that makes us uncomfortable and being wrong is actually fundamental to who we are and is at the root of creativity.

While UnCertainty can make us feel UnComfortable, if we can learn to be UnScripted we can become more comfortable being uncomfortable.

While what we will face in 2017 is a little UnCertain I do wish you all the best for this Holiday Season.

And may you create Opportunity when you are faced with the UnExpected, the UnPredictable and the UnAvoidable.

Cheers - You Got This!


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